welcome to MAD GOAT

MAD GOAT- Offbeat Tours of Scotland, is the answer for travellers who are inquisitive explorers.

We provide tours in English, aswell as Portuguese, Polish and Italian.

Our tours are private which means that you are in charge, but of course we will advise you on the places that you can’t miss!

The attractions that spark your interest, and the pace in which you want the tour to go is completely in your hands.

Our guides are a bit MAD, hence the name. MAD to go a bit further, MAD in the belief that there is always something new to discover and they will not leave any stone unturned to make sure you will have the best possible time in Scotland!

So if you are weary of crowds, herding along a touristic spot and missing out on hidden gems which can’t be accessed by big groups, book your private tour with us now!

Private tours in Edinburgh.

Private tours in Edinburgh

Private tours in Edinburgh

Day Tours

One day only?
Make the best of your time in Scotland with us today.

Multi Day Tours

Got time and money? Do not have neither?
Regardless of your circumstances we will make your trip unforgettable.

Private tours in Edinburgh

 Design Your Own Tour

We are more than pleased to go with you
wherever you want to go.

If you read the About section on our website, we do not need to give you any more information to make up your mind.

But in case you skipped that , just have a look at these two photos and think which one you identify yourself with. If you identified yourself with the goat, come along and join our trip.

If you identified yourself with the sheep, well…You are most welcome to try and see for once how it can be more enriching and fun to experience a country when you participate and lead instead of just following.

Private tours in Edinburgh