Photographer Goat

Photography tour of Scotland.

On this tour, you will definitely kill two birds with one stone as you will get the opportunity to have a professional guide and a photographer available for you the entire day. It is a must do for those who are passionate about photography, who would like to travel to find the most beautiful and unspoiled spots with the least amount of people and void of any nuisance. We cannot guarantee that you will be the only one looking for that perfect moment but do not worry, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to take that unique photo! What we can guarantee is that you will end up with great shots and way ahead of your learning curve. Your guide will avoid the hordes, the herds and the overrated places. Our photographer will take care of choosing the right spot for your workshop.

  • 1Photography tour
  • 2Approx. 12h00
  • 3starting from an agreed pick-up point
  • 41 to 4 people

Tour Features

  • Photography workshop in the most scenic parts of Scotland (Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Glencoe, Ben Nevis, and Loch Ness)
  • Great food and drink stops along the way for you to recharge your batteries
  • Access to hidden gems (castle, ruins and landscapes) which could not be reached and enjoyed as you would like to, if you would be travelling by coach as part of a herd or a flock
  • Photo-worthy stops during the entire tour
  • Lunch and snack stops for you to be delighted by outstanding Scottish food and drink

About this tour


Our tours are always private and in your language (English, Italian, Polish or Portuguese)


The tour will be devised and scheduled according to your specific interests and needs

Pick-up and Drop-off



Whenever we are not fully booked

Our MAD GOAT guarantee

We can assure you that during your tour around Scotland with MAD GOAT you will be exposed to  jaw-dropping landscapes

Needless to say, it is your private tour. If you do not agree with what is proposed you can just change it and that’s the end of it. MAD GOAT guarantee indeed!

We recommend

Comfortable clothes and shoes (If they are thermal or waterproof even better)

Spare batteries

Tour includes

Professional guide and
Professional photographer

Insured vehicle

Tour does not include

Food and drinks
Admission to touristic attractions


£900 private tour (from 1 to 3 people)

£1100 private tour (from 4 to 5 people)
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