Essential Info. Private Highland tour from Edinburgh.

Health and Safety. Private guided tours of Scotland.

Listen to your guide, he is MAD but not stupid. He knows his trade and will make sure that you will enjoy your trip safely without wasting time and money. Private guided tours of Scotland and Edinburgh.

We cannot guess if you have any medical condition, have been taking drugs (legal or illegal ones) which may affect your mobility or ability to enjoy your tour and its activities. We strongly advise you to let us know in advance.

You know your limits and fitness level. Your guide will not say that you seem too unfit to undertake some activities during the tour. In cases where you feel overwhelmed or where we sense that this might be the case, we can make alternative arrangements.


Proper clothing and shoes against adverse weather are required in Scotland.

MAD GOAT takes you around Scotland to explore and make the most of your day during your tour. Since we live in Scotland we do not just strive to make your trip awesome, but also we try hard to make the lives of the people we share this country with a little bit better. We are able to achieve this by taking great people from all over the world around the country.

We never came across a visitor or a group which was disruptive, dangerous and upsetting to other people, but if one day that happens we reserve the right to terminate the tour and we will not pay any refund and any costs which were incurred by the visitor or group. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. We are MAD but good MAD, please get that right! Private Highland tour from Edinburgh.

Transportation. Private guided tours of Scotland and Edinburgh.

The car we normally use for your tour is a seven seater Peugeot 5008 which is very comfortable and spacious. In case you would like to treat yourself and upgrade your ride, we will be glad to do it for an additional cost.

Group travel.

We provide private tours for small groups ( from 1 to 5 people). Couples, families and friends usually are the customers who we travel with. But if you have a larger group we might accommodate your request.

Food. Private guided tours of Scotland.

Everything in Scotland should be tried: whisky, gin, beers, wine, Irn Bru, haggis, game, Angus beef, lamb, salmon, fried mars bar ( the infamous one), ice-cream, fudge, and the list goes on…

Scotland has so much more to offer than you expect and think you know and your guide will make sure that you do not miss any tasty treats on the way.


Unfortunately, you can’t see everything on a brief visit to Scotland.

But by making the most of your time during a day/multi-day tour you can see plenty. Our guides’ main priorities are that you have fun and that you get to see a bit of everything on your exploring journey with MAD GOAT.

Time. Private guided tours of Scotland.

Because time can be a constraint especially on a day tour, you should be focusing on the things you enjoy most, whatever they might be (castles, historic facts, activities, stories, nature, wildlife, food and drink tasting, distilleries/breweries visits, shopping etc).

After a two or a three days tour, you will definitely have a pretty good idea of how amazing this country is. The best of all is that you will have plenty of time to explore and enjoy every single stop.


Below you can find suggestions of just a few attractions that we think you should not miss:

Castles: Edinburgh, Stirling, Eilean Donan, Urquhart and Dunnottar.

Islands: Mull, Skye, Arran, Rum and Orkney.

Glencoe, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, and Cairngorms National Park.

Things not to forget.

Proper clothing, because in Scotland we have all seasons in just one day! With this in mind, no matter which time of the year you visit Scotland, remember to pack layers, comfortable shoes(ideally waterproof), raincoat or waterproof/windproof jacket and an umbrella (just to watch the wind blow it away).

We have midges  (not meaning small people) in Scotland which are two-winged flies that bite. To avoid them annoying you, choose light coloured clothing(dark clothing attract them) and protect yourself using a midge insect repellent. We have always one at hand ; ) Private Highland tour from Edinburgh.

Private highland tour from Edinburgh