Why MAD GOAT? Private tours of Scotland.

Private tours of Scotland.

MAD GOAT- Offbeat Tours of Scotland is the answer for travellers who are inquisitive explorers. Private tours of Scotland and Edinburgh.

If you want to know who we are and for what our company stands for, you need to understand the difference between goats and sheep.

Goats are browsers, curious and very independent creatures. They are engaging and interactive with the environment.

That’s how we are and so are the travellers who book their private tours with us. Private tours of Scotland.

MAD is self-explanatory. We are “good” mad (not mad enough to join a flock or a herd, though). Mad to go a bit further, mad in the belief that there is always something new to discover.

If you identify with that, book a tour with us today!

If you do not, just join a flock or keep following the herd. Private tours of Scotland and Edinburgh. Private guided tour Edinburgh.

Why choose us? Private tours of Scotland.

It will be your private tour. Private tours of Edinburgh and Scotland.

You are completely in charge of your journey and can decide where to stop. You can also decide where to eat, what to see and do. Don’t be frightened, though. We will advise you beforehand on what is really worth seeing and which places you can give a miss.

We strongly encourage you to share with us the things you love most, and we make you don’t miss these on the way!

A Game of Thrones or Harry Potter fan? We will show you where the scenes of the movies were shot. Private tours of Scotland.

Shopping addict? We have mapped the best Scottish suppliers and you have our promise that we’ll keep you away from the tourist traps.

Have kids with you? We will make sure to visit places where they can have fun as well. Private tour guides of Scotland and Edinburgh.

Your MAD guide will agree with you on a general route beforehand. He/she will then give you more options along the way which you can choose from. This way you can be assured that you’ll spend your time well, seeing and doing things that you really enjoy.

MAD GOAT guarantee is that when you’re back home you won’t have a sheepish grin as an answer when asked if you have explored Scotland. Private tours of Scotland, aswell as Edinburgh.