Roaming Goat

We love the Scottish Borders!

The rolling hills with stunning views where every turn takes your breath away (it’s not our driving that does that!). This route can be done with a relaxed pace as we have no rush to bring you back from this amazing tour unless you have to.

Below you can see the same statement that follows all our trip summaries about the way we do things (the goat way). That is not because we are lazy to write something else but because we take this very seriously and always strive to deliver your tour in a way we like to experience the countries we visit! So here it goes:

Do not forget that during the tour you are not led, you lead and the tour is yours! We are flexible and your tour can be adapted and changed according to your interests. If you can’t look at another castle during the trip, want to skip one attraction to see another, want to stay in one place for longer it is completely up to you. On the day of your tour, we will provide a list of all attractions along the way which are often not mentioned in tour guides so you have a chance to see something else. We are the only company which does it this way!

  • 1Sightseeing tour
  • 2 Approx. 08h00m
  • 3starting from an agreed pick-up point
  • 41 to 5 people

Tour highlights

  • Ruins (Yester Castle)
  • Abbey (Melrose, Jedburgh)
  • Abbotsford House (The home of Sir Walter Scott)
  • Castles (Jedburgh Castle and Jail, Neidpath and Fatlips)
  • Great photo stops
  • Watch and learn how wool can be transformed into a beautiful souvenir
  • Lunch and snack stops for you to be delighted by outstanding Scottish food and drink
  • Distillery

About this tour


Our tours are always private and in your language (English, Italian, Polish or Portuguese)


The tour will be devised and scheduled according to your specific interests and needs

Pick-up and Drop-off



Whenever you want to go

Our MAD GOAT guarantee

We ensure you that during this tour you will get to know stories and curiosities about the places visited as well as their historical context. However, we do not give priority to historical facts as they sometimes can compromise a good tale

We recommend

Comfortable clothes and shoes (If they are thermal or waterproof even better)

Tour includes

Professional guide

Insured vehicle

Tour does not include

Food and drinks
Admission to touristic attractions


£750 per day (from 1 to 2 people)
£850 per day (from 3 to 4 people)

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