Terms & Conditions

Health and Safety

  • Listen to your guide, he is MAD but not stupid, he knows his trade and will make sure that you will enjoy your trip without wasting time, money or getting into trouble.
  •  We cannot guess if you have any medical condition, have been taking drugs (legal or illegal ones) which may affect your mobility or ability to enjoy your tour and its activities. We strongly advise you to let us know in advance.
  •  You know your limits and fitness level. Your guide will not say that you seem too unfit to undertake some activities during the tour. In cases where you feel overwhelmed or where we sense that this might be the case, we can make alternative arrangements. But compensation will not be offered by MAD GOAT.
  • Proper clothing and shoes against adverse weather are required in Scotland.
  • MAD GOAT takes you around Scotland to explore and make the most of your day during your tour. Since we live in Scotland we do not just strive to make your trip awesome but also we strive to make the lives of the people we share this country with a little bit better. We are able to achieve this by taking great people from all around the world around the country. We never came across a visitor or a group which was disruptive, dangerous and upsetting to other people, but if one day that happens we reserve the right to terminate the tour and we will not pay any refund any costs which were incurred by the visitor or group. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. We are MAD but good MAD , please get that right!


  • We will honour a full refund of the balance payment minus an administration fee when notice is given of more than 6 weeks prior to travel. When booking a single day tour we require full payment to secure your tour. When booking a multi-day tour we require a 25% deposit to secure your tour dates. When notification of cancellation is received for a single day tour more than 6 weeks prior to your selected date, we will refund the full amount minus a £50 administration fee. The initial 25% deposit payment taken to secure a multi-day tour is non-refundable. Where notification of cancellation has been received by us less than six weeks prior to commencement of a tour or service the following schedule of refunds will apply:
  • 41-28 days before start- 75% of balance minus £50 administration fee
  • 27-14 days before start-50% of balance minus £50 administration fee
  • 13-0 days before start-NIL
  • Where exceptional circumstances occur MAD GOAT reserves the right (in its absolute discretion) to cancel tours or services. In such cases clients will be promptly informed and offered a full refund.

Risks and Insurance

Explores and travellers who join us in one of our trips should have appropriate and adequate insurance (with a reputable insurer) to cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, death, loss of or damage to luggage or personal belongings or consequential loss arising from them. In the event of client illness, then the relevant client must accept responsibility for any medical costs incurred and MAD GOAT shall not be liable to refund any part of the tour cost. It is incumbent on each client to ensure that insurance cover held is both current and adequate for the particular needs of such client and/or group for which such client is responsible. All visitors from overseas must have insurance to cover accident and repatriation.

Complaints Procedure

We deal with complaints in the best possible way and the sooner you tell us,the better chances we have to sort out any issues which may arise during your trip. With this in mind please let your guide know if you are not enjoying the trip for some reason. This way he will address the issue and you will enjoy the rest of your tour.

Maybe you did not want to say anything during the tour, but now you are ready? In this case please write to MAD GOAT within 28 days’ of your tour providing full details. We will be pleased to resolve such complaint as long you are reasonable and not MAD as we are.

Joke apart, we take your complains seriously, because we really want to tour with you again.

Tour Policy

Our private tours are exclusively for you and your group. As such we would decline any bookings from individuals or other groups who would like to join in to make up numbers.